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Drumming in Chicago, IL

This is it - the annual city wide drum jam, taking place at Millenium Park!

This Saturday 8/11 11am–5pm, on the great lawn.

Drum Circles, John Yost leads 30–minute sessions, with audience participation, at the top of each hour, followed by performances by following groups:
11:30am–Noon II Kwa Nori (Chicago)
12:30am–1pm Atlas Drummers (Champaign)
1:30am–2pm Rhythm Revolution World Music Ensemble (Chicago)
2:30am–3pm Sharpe World Music (Oswego)
3:30am–4pm Nanigi Rhythm Section (Aurora)
4:30am–5pm Kaiju Daiko (Chicago)

This is always an awesome, fun time. Dancers welcome as well!
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A couple quick announcements: The Middle Eastern Rhythms class will start up at Old Town School of Folk Music on Sept. 5th - there's still time to register. More info at http://tinyurl.com/hd5ea

Saturday, Sept 9th on the Great Lawn of Millenium park, there will be a 5 hour drum jam and percussion performance. Drumming starts at 11, and will alternate every half hour with performances from Dahui (African drums) Taiko, Korean and "world" groups. The finale will be a one hour open drum jam. Come out and join us! http://www.millenniumpark.org/
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Hi, this is the ObIntroPost, along with a question / request.

I've been a drummer on doumbeks and djembes and the like for several years, and have recently been persuaded to play for the Syracuse Area Bellydancers Association in a parade at the upcoming Westcott Festival on September 17th. If anyone is, or knows anyone who is, in the Syracuse, NY area (or can/will be in the area on that date), we'd certainly appreciate the assistance of anyone else who can walk and drum at the same time. ;)
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Copied from my personal journal:
It's been a very long process (well, mostly because we had our first class in February and didn't get back together until Saturday!), but my do-it-yourself drum is finally done. I'm extraordinarily proud of it. I'd never done anything with clay before, and I think it turned out pretty damn well. Start to finish pics behind the cut.    My hands are completely raw and I have no nails left after tighting cords all day, but it was worth it.  It even sounds good too. :)

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So, has anyone done any drumming lately?

The best part about winter is that my ceramic drums sound fantastic:)

I got to spend 2 hours yesterday jamming with some fantastic drummers in a private loft - the owner converted it into a drum playground for adults. Tabla's, doumbek's, conga's, marimba's, steel drums.. you name it, he had it. There were 4 gentlemen and then me, the young'in and only female. We sounded great - I wish I'd been able to record some of the sets.

Anyone have a favorite rhythm they're working on that they want to share?
I've been working on some 6/8's from Tao Te Drum - Chaka and Samai.

D tktkT tktk D tkT tkD K

D tkt k T e&a T tkt k D e&a D e&a T tkt k t k
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Welcome to Doumbek Drumming!

I started this group prompted by a giant post (thanks guys!) regarding drums, various rhythms, and doumbek care that exploded out of my personal page.

Feel free to post seminar info, drum circle, hafla, belly dance group looking for drumming information - anything doumbek related. There's all kinds of djembe groups, so I'd like to keep this focused on the lovely doumbek.